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In this section there is a friend's program for download LA CHANCHITA VIRTUAL (The Virtual Piggy), this is the program I use to classify my coins, not because it's a friend's program, because it is the best than I saw.
This in Spanish and in English for now... (it is the same version, the language it is changed in Preferences)

lachacha.gif (20836 bytes)

Advantages: They can be created coins lists in txt. format and personalized .htm, per year, per value, per country, per continent etc...
In the same way you can create list of doubles.
You can put one image (obverse and reverse) of each coin, its reference, the state, the diameter, the metal, the dear price, place of coinage, quantity of coined coins and the monetary unit, observations, in short a heap of data.
It works with lists of extension .lcv (La Chanchita Virtual) and it is very comfortable instead of sending the list of coins to swap to send the file directly.
The coins can be edited, and add to the list of coins personal information, name, age, address, UIN, mail, URL, and olso other things...
The program is very good one, is quick and it is very graphic, it makes it easy to use, also this is very complet, on disadvantages I doesn't write anything because I believe that it doesn't have any, we were it proving and mending whenever we found some detail, it is anything to be corrected.
The program this compacted with  Winzip, if you haven't got it you need download it to decompress the program.

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